ACT 3.  ART.  
My name is Chris Doelman and I started Doelman Creative as a way to grow and share my creative talents.  After graduating from Calvin University I dove head first into the world of Information Technology.  This was Act 1.  
After 10 years of running a Technology Consulting firm, I decided being stuck at a desk wasn't for me.  So naturally, I got connected with my roots and took over the family dairy farm.  Instead of managing code and bugs, I migrated to managing cows and milk.  Typical.  Act 2.
With circumstances out of my control, it became time to sell the farm and move onto Act 3, photography.  I've always had a passion for Art.  It's a gift that was passed down by my mother and became an itch that I could not adequately scratch.  So, I grew out the proverbial fingernails and began scratching.  Out of that scratching Doelman Creative was born.
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